Mystery Student and Teacher

February Mystery Student and Teacher

The Teacher

What do you teach? Math

When did you start teaching? 2010

What is your favorite class to teach? Geometry

What school did you go to? Circle High School

What year did you graduate college? 2010

The Student

What grade are you in? 9th

What sports do you participate in? Basketball, baseball, KAYs, SADD, StuCo, Men’s Glee

What are your plans after high school? Play basketball somewhere.

Do you have any siblings? if so how many? Two

What is your favorite thing to do outside of school? Ping Pong

Do you think you know our mystery student and teacher? If so, and you are a current member of the ACHS student body, fill out the form below for a chance to win a PRIZE! The first person to answer correctly wins. 

RulesOnly current ACHS students can participate. Both the teacher and the student must be guessed in order to count as the winner. The mystery student and teacher will be revealed when we announce the winner. If YOU are the mystery student, you cannot participate this month, but you can in the future! We appreciate you taking the time to participate in this new feature for the Arklight!

Previous Answers and Winners

November 2017 – Our mystery teacher was Mrs. Schandorf and the mystery student was Dacia Carson. Congratulations to Dalton Collins on being the first to answer correctly!

October 2017 – Our mystery teacher was Mr. Stanton and the mystery student was Marcus Robinson. Congratulations to Markie Swanson on being the first to answer correctly!