Too many clubs helping out?

At Arkansas City High School (ACHS) there are 14 official clubs and several other organizations that meet and take part in different projects throughout the year. Many of
these projects take place here at ACHS; most requiring staff and student contributions. With this large number of clubs, the amount of projects can become overwhelming for both staff and students at ACHS.

The majority of these projects come about around the holiday season. For example, this
month alone there have been several different groups organizing five different projects that require direct staff and student contributions. These projects include: the JAG Toy Drive, StuCo and FCCLA’s joint Coat Drive, the StuCo Penny Drive, Bulldog’s Being Bold, and the Cowley Clash T-Shirt sales. This is an astronomical amount of charitable projects happening at ACHS in one month. This brings up the question of which project is the best to participate in. After all, this school is fairly large, but our bank accounts are not. Another problem is whether or not the money is going to the correct cause; there may be people suffering in other parts of the U.S. but we have people in need of help in our own town.

It can become easy for staff and students to get lazy and lose interest in these projects. The organizing parties have noticed this problem and needed to find a fix. So, they began offering a prize which is more or less going to be food. In turn, these projects, that are supposed to be a free will donation, have become a competition.

Overall, if clubs and organizations were to come together to form a charitable project together, it would be less overwhelming and possibly more successful.

Article by Blake Legleiter, editor-in-chief

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