Chilocco Situation

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There is currently chemical testing going on in Chilocco, Oklahoma and residents are furious.

The chemical testing could potentially contaminate crops and river water. This can cause farmers to lose a large source of their income and cause environmental catastrophes. Not only are Chilocco residents concerned, but so are residents of Cowley County and Newkirk residents. They fear that not only will the testing effect Chilocco, but that it will spread and cause harm to several economies.

In a community where agriculture is the primary source of income for several denizens, this could perhaps be completely disastrous. The chemical testing has taken place at the old Chilocco Indian School which was shut down in 1980. The chemicals can potentially float along through the air and ruin crops in other counties.

The government has sanctioned this and stated that it will not affect residents of Kay County or any other nearby counties. The current state of the testing is unknown as there has been little press about it since November.

With the circumstances being what they are, one cannot truly tell how the situation is going, and even if one could, they would be smart not to judge until they had all of the facts.

Article by Chase Wood, staff writer

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