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On Thursday, October 26th, the annual Arkalalah, Dodgebalalah took place for the third consecutive year. This year the competition was fierce as everybody wanted to take home the trophy of a stuffed squirrel holding a dodgeball as well as the 250 dollar donation to any charity of the winning team’s choice.

Students from Arkansas City High School got together and started their team, called The Young Guns. The team consisted of Hunter O’Toole as the head coach and Cade Gonzales, Nate Spencer, Traiton Suttles, Andrew Brautman, Chassidy Weathers, Hunter Thompson, Cam Estrada, and Blake Haley; all of which brought home the championship. All of these students are current or former Bulldogs at Ark City High School besides Traiton Suttles.

The Young Guns were carried to victory by Cam Estrada and Blake Haley who had two incredible plays where they caught two dodgeballs at one time to propel their team to victory. This team selected the Down Syndrome Society of Wichita to donate the 250 dollars to.

This isn’t the last of the Young Guns, according to team member Andrew Brautman.

“We will be back to repeat again next fall,” said Brautman.

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