Thanksgiving traditions

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Everyone knows that the great holiday of Thanksgiving is coming soon.

With this holiday comes great and fun traditions with friends and family. Several students have offered up their own opinions about their family traditions. Senior Emilee Wells offered up her own experiences when it comes to tradition.

“ For lunch, we go to my dad’s parents and feast with them,” said Wells. “[For dinner], we go to my mom’s parents.”

However, not everyone shares the same tradition. Senior Erika Hoag says there is a storytelling aspect to hers.

“We go to my grandma’s to eat dinner and tell stories around the table,” said Hoag.

Senior wrestler Jake Beeson partakes in something a little different.

“My tradition is to portion my meals due to wrestling season,” said Beeson.

These traditions are all similar to the point where they are with their families eating whatever delicious foods their families make.

In conclusion, Thanksgiving has many different styles of traditions and many families celebrate it in their own ways.

Article by Nate Spencer, staff writer

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