Christmas Crazy

Christmas Crazy With the Christmas season making its way in many people are either joyous and excited or filled with resentment over the many traditions that Christmas brings. Whether that is hanging Christmas lights or eating an entire feast, everyone has their own events to … Continue readingChristmas Crazy

Arkalalah food

Arkalalah is known for its food around town, and everyone has different opinions on what is the best food to get. When Junior Jesse Hernandez was asked about her favorite food, she said: “chicken and noodles because it is my favorite.” Chicken and noodles were … Continue readingArkalalah food

PDA in ACHS Halls

PDA, also known as Public Display of Affection is a current and growing issue in our school today. Passing periods are the time PDA is noticed by teachers, staff, and other students. Art teacher Mr. Levy stated, “PDA is a distraction to other students.” He … Continue readingPDA in ACHS Halls

Eclipse fail of 2017

Question: What was the thing you enjoyed most about the solar eclipse? Emily Sitsler, sophomore: “What I enjoyed most about the eclipse is the fact that this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity and will remember being with my friends when it happened.” … Continue readingEclipse fail of 2017

Ask Sally

This year the 2017-2018 Arklight staff is taking on a new feature for the student body. Anonymous questions or concerns can be submitted and maybe answered in Ask Sally each month. These questions can be about anything you feel needs to be assessed in the … Continue readingAsk Sally

Tardy Policies

In lieu of the persuasive presentations from the sophomore class as they read their essays to the administration, something became blindingly apparent: tardy policies are currently broken and based on anything but the reality of the classroom. Micholas Bryant chose to write about the absurdity … Continue readingTardy Policies