Is STUCO influential?

Is STUCO influential? Several sources would say no, that STUCO is just a group to make students feel better about their high school experience. This is ultimately detrimental to students as it provides a false thought of importance. No important role is given to any … Continue readingIs STUCO influential?


Friendo is the latest craze that has hit the app store. The popular game was quickly the top app on the app store. An estimated 500,000 downloads came in the month of November. The way the game works is that it allows you to answer … Continue readingFriendo

Sexual Education

The topic of Sex Ed has always been a touchy one. The issue itself being the disagreements between parents, teachers, and the board of education that causes confusion about what exactly they need to be teaching the students. According to, “3 in 10 teen … Continue readingSexual Education

Arkalalah food

Arkalalah is known for its food around town, and everyone has different opinions on what is the best food to get. When Junior Jesse Hernandez was asked about her favorite food, she said: “chicken and noodles because it is my favorite.” Chicken and noodles were … Continue readingArkalalah food