Crucible preview

“The Crucible” begins in the year of 1962 and is in the place of Salem, Massachusetts. Throughout this play, there are many scenes that contain a lot of action and mystery. At the beginning of the play there are girls dancing in the forest with … Continue readingCrucible preview


Orchestra is an awesome class that ACHS offers. The ACHS Orchestra has about five concerts a year. They have the District Contest, a Christmas concert, a classical music concert, and a Pop concert which consists of modern music and honors the senior class. Orchestra also … Continue readingOrchestra

Cheer Competition

Recently the Ark City cheerleaders traveled to Topeka to compete in their first competition sponsored by the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA). Their day started out at 5:30 am. About an hour out, they started getting ready before they got to the competition … Continue readingCheer Competition

Genealogy study

Megan Porter, the history teacher at ACHS, has begun a process that will allow her students to track their heritage through the years, and after they have completed the process, they will utilize it in a way so they can link their ancestry to their … Continue readingGenealogy study